Woman Throws Pork Chops On Steps Of Synagogue For No Reason Whatsoever

Woman Throws Pork Chops On Steps Of Synagogue For No Reason Whatsoever

An upstate New York woman has been charged with a ‘hate crime’ for throwing pork chops on the front steps of a local synagogue for unexplained reasons:

Tara R., 47, of Hudson, was arraigned in Livingston Town Court on Saturday and charged with first-degree harassment as a hate crime, [a class A misdemeanor] according to local reports.

Tara went to Congregation Anshe Emeth in Greenport on Jan. 19 and threw a package of pork chops on its front steps, CBS 6 Albany reported. She returned to the synagogue at 3 a.m. to photograph her actions, police said.

She was released on her own recognizance and is scheduled to return to court on Monday.

“These acts caused the membership of Congregation Anshe Emeth to be in reasonable fear of further anti-Semitic acts which could result in physical injury,” according to the criminal complaint filed by state police, Columbia-Greene Media reported.

And then, for no reason whatsoever, a woman went to a local synagogue and threw perfectly good pork chops on the front steps, or no reason whatsoever.

Keep in mind, this story has circulated among jewish news sites worldwide, as if it’s of serious concern.

And, of course, the local Jews have to pretend that this strange behavior somehow could have resulted in ‘serious injury’ to someone in the synagogue.

The media will never bother to ask or report on why Ms. R. threw these pork chops at the synagogue. To do so would suggest that there might be a reason for her actions. And the reason probably isn’t so ‘dark’.


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