VIDEO: Doctors SHAVE THEIR HEADS to show the “determination” to fight CORONAVIRUS: the movie has sparked reactions

VIDEO: Doctors SHAVE THEIR HEADS to show the “determination” to fight CORONAVIRUS: the movie has sparked reactions

A video posted by a local newspaper on the Chinese social platform Weibo, in order to show the sacrifices doctors have to make with coronavirus, has sparked reactions to the humiliation of women and their use as propaganda tools.

The video shows the moment when 14 Chinese doctors are shaved before being sent to the Hubei province, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Some of them have tears in their eyes. The hospital has been accused of forcing its employees to cut it to show their “determination” in the fight against the virus that killed more than 2,300 people.

“How can such an act of violation of women’s bodies be used to promote the merits and achievements?” Asks a Weibo user.

“As a woman, I feel angry when I watch the video. I understand the need to cut yourself zero in certain work situations … But please stop the excessive formalism. ”

Following the wave of criticism, the video was withdrawn 3 days later by Gansu Daily, and hospital officials said that the employees offered to trim the bald to prevent infection.

“Many interns do not know the situation, but for medical professionals it is a common practice and can be observed in several areas of the country. Zero trimming can prevent infection and make it easier for them to wash, “said a Gansu hospital spokesman.

The report of other cases of female medical staff sacrifices in the Chinese media has attracted similar reactions.

More than half of the doctors and more than 90% of the assistants in the front lines of the COVID-19 fight in Hubei are women, according to the Women’s Federation of Shanghai. And as the Chinese state press comes out with positive stories about the outbreak, women are talking more and more about the treatment of medical professionals.

In this regard, a campaign to donate intimate hygiene products that began in February draws attention to the needs of women in the front line. The campaign’s founder told Time that while donations for medical supplies are prioritized, the demand for intimate hygiene products is often overlooked, and volunteers need to find ways to get through the logistics restrictions to deliver to Hubei Province. Translated from


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