The Base: Inside the FBI’s Newest Scary Story

The Base: Inside the FBI’s Newest Scary Story

The FBI has since the summer been under immense political pressure to turn up “white supremacist domestic terrorists.” As with leftists and Muslims during previous political crackdowns, the FBI is dusting off the old playbook and manufacturing them.

The latest case is a group called The Base, a small organization that is considered the most extreme of all the right-wing groups. Their members have been raided across the country in the past few days. The latest is a man in Wisconsin who, for all the noise made in the media about terrorism, is only charge is in relation to breaking a Synagogue’s window.

The FBI Gets Tough on Illegal Immigration

The FBI released a press release celebrating its “bust” of three Base members in Maryland. According to the media, these three men, one an undocumented immigrant from Canada, were planning a terrorist attack at the upcoming Virginia gun right’s rally.

Governor Ralph Northam has alluded to this as the excuse for his decision to suspend his state’s open-carry laws at the demonstration, which gun rights groups have appealed on Constitutional grounds to no avail.

The actual criminal complaint, however, does not mention this supposed plot at all. According to the affidavit filed by FBI agent Rachid T. Harrison, the men in question are only being accused of immigration and gun crimes.

According to Harrison, Brian Mark Lemley and William Garfield Bilbrough broke the law when they picked Canadian Patrik Jordan Mathews up in Michigan after he crossed the Canadian border. Then they helped him rent a motel room, and later, Lemley allowed Mathews to stay with him in an apartment in Delaware. Finally, the men allegedly modified a rifle, went to the store to buy ammunition and paper targets, and then took the rifle to a gun range, where the FBI had set up a stationary camera to watch them shoot it.

After a long fishing expedition, the federal government was reduced to charging them with a multitude of immigration related crimes – an ironic political statement by them, to say the least – and a number of gun technicalities, partially relating to the modified firearms upper receiver and allowing “illegal alien” Patrik Mathews to fire it at the range.


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