The Apocalypse has Begun: Coronavirus Shows No Signs of Infection for 14 Days, Europe & USA Infected

The Apocalypse has Begun: Coronavirus Shows No Signs of Infection for 14 Days, Europe & USA Infected

We would like to begin by making a clear statement for what must be done: BAN ALL travel and trade with China until the situation is fully resolved you God damn liberals. Unless those useless maggots who rule over us as “presidents” take no action to prevent the further spread of the virus into the white world, the time has come for the populations to rise up and demand strong dictatorships for only that can save us now.

In the Western world it seems like people are unable to understand the gravity of the situation! This virus has no treatment, even doctors died in China who came in contact with sick patients.

A person infected with the virus will show NO signs whatsoever of any kind of illness for 14 days, so infected people could walk right past you spreading the disease to you and others without even knowing. The virus is AIRBORNE so its easy to pass on, much easier than the Black Death plague was which caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of people.

All those Chinese officials you see scanning people at airports for fever is completely useless as you could be in you 10th day of the infection, the virus is in you but you will have no fever or any other signs at all.

Do you understand the gravity of the situation now?

Again, there is no treatment for this virus, there is no containment or quarantine plan in the West because of “muh human rights”.

America is now “evacuating” its American citizens from China, but all they are doing, they are making the situation worse.

All they’re doing by evacuating China is bringing more people into America who might have the virus.

The virus has been discovered in at least 4 US states: California, Illinois, Washington and Arizona + other Western countries such as Canada, Australia, France, Great Britain and even Israel. Reports of the virus’s travels go as far as Brazil.

According to Chinese National Health Commission Minister Ma Xiaowei, “The virus’ transmission ability has become stronger.”

Get that? It’s getting stronger, not weaker, we’re all screwed!

World Health Organization has deemed the new coronavirus an “emergency” in China, but the international body refuses to designate it a global threat because it doesn’t want to affect China’s economy…

Yup, muh human rights and muh economy… basically, you all just need to accept that you’re going to die. Your only other option is to run to the hills.


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