New Swedish VIDEO: Gang stomp girl on the head while photographer yells “kill her wallah”

New Swedish VIDEO: Gang stomp girl on the head while photographer yells “kill her wallah”

The Swedish news site Samhällsnytt published a video clip on Wednesday which showed a Swedish girl being severely abused and beaten by a group of people.

It is currently unclear where the brutal beating took place. According to reports, the video was filmed in early February and uploaded by a “Hussein” on the popular social media platform Snapchat.

The video shows several people stomping on and beating a lone girl all over her body. While the beating is taking place, the person who is most likely filming yells “kill her wallah” (wallah is Arabic for I swear to Allah).

Furthermore, the same person encourages the savage attackers to “fuck up the ribs” and “stomp the ribs” on the girl.
The video has gone viral in Sweden and both the right and the left are horrified by it, only for different reasons.

The right asks how much more violence and hatred the country can take, and when will those who are in power take real and effective measures against it?

Meanwhile, the left asks how the right can be so evil to even share the video and as a result spread hatred towards migrants.
As an example, Social Democrat Oskar Magnusson, who is a political expert with the Interior Minister and responsible for the police authority, writes: “The video that SD spreads in its channels is disgusting. But SD spreads it anyway, to fuel hatred between different groups in society. This party is M and KD prepared to shape Sweden’s future with.”

To Magnusson’s statement, Moderate MEP Hanif Bali replied: “His first reaction to a video where a young girl is beaten to pulp with life-threatening violence is to warn of political coalitions that risks making him unemployed Disgusting is right.”
In two more tweets, Bali adds: “Girls who humiliate and group assault other girls as “whores” is an increasing phenomenon. But the victims are secondary to these people – important is to signal against SD. And M and KD of course.”

“Talked about this phenomenon earlier. S’s loyalty lies not with the victims of the ghettoization, in fact, they don’t give a shit about them, especially if they’re migrants.

“The victims are only interesting as tools for wokes to signal their virtuousness to other wokes.”


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