New Movement: Blonde Men Mass Impregnate Women

New Movement: Blonde Men Mass Impregnate Women

Today we are promoting and pushing the idea of forming a new movement for men, blonde men to be more exact. Blonde Men Mass Impregnate Women or BMMIW for short! This article is going to be very explicit and is only destined for adults so if you are under 18, go ahead and find something else better to do.

It’s all about the numbers boys, brunettes exceed the number of blondes both in the white and non-white world. Blonde hair is beautiful and unique but its numbers is going down rapidly as more and more couples nowadays are mixed. Blondes cannot rely on CHANCE for their survival. Something actively needs to be done about it.

Rarely you see 2 blondes hooking up together anymore in today’s sick world and this is vastly the blonde women’s fault. Mostly they are to blame as they and they only seek to date outside their group. Because of this, blonde men are left out without an option for a blonde woman so they go for brunette women but hey we have a new solution in place. This isn’t about racism and not even about race differences or whatever, it has nothing to do with race. This movement is going to be focusing only on NUMBERS.

Men have something which women do not have. If you are virile, you can impregnate countless thousands of women without loosing anything while women are LOCKED for 9 months. Women can’t do this. Mathematically they can’t more than 50 children in a lifetime even if its child after child. A man’s sperm is just like his piss. He can do it multiple times a day without any loss. Heck he is even getting something out of it: pleasure.


Never reveal who you are, don’t give your real name, use a pseudonym, leave no clues as how they can find you and use a disposable pre-paid SIM card for your phone so that they don’t have your real phone number. Tell no one what you are doing but encourage other blonde men you know to do it. You are gonna learn how to become a ghost, you come, you leave your seed, you pick up your shirt and you leave. A master of disguise, a master of deception. Do not fall in love for they will slow you down. However that is very possible so if you do fall in love with a blonde woman, well marry her, reproduce yourself with her but the door must remain open, if you go on vacations, if you go on business trips by yourself and you get a chance, use it! Continue to impregnate, its cheating and its NOT cheating at the same time, its all for the nation, for your seed and your own wife’s seed as well. If she can’t see it this way she’s a fool, you are doing humanity a good thing and she has you. Its not like you’re gonna break up with her for someone else, nope you’re gonna pick up your shirt and go back to your wife. Make sure you do this preferably to women from other cities, towns and maybe even countries. Use some common sense for God’s sake, be cautious. You don’t do this to your neighbors who will then point you in the streets with their fingers and ask your for child support.

Unless you are rich, don’t spend too much money in the process, you may show them that you have a lot of money as women are attracted to money like flies are attracted to shit, but don’t give them any, just buy them a beer or two. And its sexy time! No sexy time? BYE, there’s other women out there!


Is this moral? Of course not, it is deceptive and non-Christian but honestly WHO CARES at this point? Is it moral when we will all go extinct if we don’t do anything about it? Yes there’s also gonna be collateral damages. Good Christian girls which may not deserve this, blonde girls who would date and marry blonde men but you don’t know that. Due to the statistics you have to assume that all women are bad and all will marry outside of their group. The vast majority of women avoid blonde men like the plague. Its all due to the current culture we live in where the darker you are the better you are. Its the culture of the negro but you can step and shit on this culture all alone by yourself by joining this movement. Go and impregnate hundreds of women, thousands! Duty calls! They want war? They’re gonna get war! If you think you don’t have much success as a blonde male, go have a tan in the sun and dye your hair black. Trick them! This movement is all about trickery and deception. The master of lies. You gotta fight evil with evil son, you can’t send a freaking sheep to fight with a wolf! That’s who you need to become because those sluts out there, they don’t like you pure, they don’t like you when you treat them nice. Nope they want bad boys. Our colleagues from MGTOW are 100% correct in their description of the woman. In some ways we may be a little bit similar to MGTOW but not too much. We are not for abstinence nor for sex with Asian sluts over our own sluts. If anything Asians are ugly as hell. Just remove their make-ups. A white girl without make up is gonna be 1 gazzilion trillion billion upon millions of gazzilions more beautiful than a Asian slut without makeup. Besides, we need to secure our survival and our numbers as blondes. Its just like in the animal world. You are a lion, you go out there and you impregnate all females in your path. Polygamy? Nah… its too little, for the shit we’re in right now, MASS IMPREGNATION! You impregnate them and you leave.

Spare no one! Besides its not like you beat them or something, you just make them a child for God’s sake. Its just like in the animal world. The best of males compete for the females and impregnate as many as possible to make sure their seed survives. Some day when you are old, you are gonna think about it and have a smile on your face, and others will wonder why but you will know that you are the father of hundreds of children. You are a BOSS!

You can even do this if you are married. Your wife doesn’t need to know about it. Morality go to hell, its about survival of the blonde gene and competition between blondes vs brunettes. Brunettes are already having it good, blonde women prefer them, brunette women prefer them, just about anyone prefers brunette men. Basically they don’t need to do anything actively as they are already having it good. So its time blondes have it good too. Redheads are already extinct so that’s why this movement is addressing only blondes. Well technically reds are not yet dead, there’s still a bunch of them alive, here and there, but their percentages have dropped so low and whenever you see a redhead woman, she’s always married to some black, creole or whatever, anything but white, so as time is relative, its just like a blink of an eye, redheads are already extinct. There is no way in hell they can recover from this, but blondes? There is still a chance for blondes not to go extinct like the reds.

Think of it, white countries are going down demographically like no other countries. Soon we may go extinct, all you hear is complain, complain, complain but no one comes out with a solution. Well here’s the freaking solution! This is basically what is already happening in Russia with over 50% divorce rates and guess what their demographics are finally going up in the last years. Their mistake? They marry them, they father them and then they divorce, remarry… There are so many single mothers in Russia… but what’s the point in marrying? Marry but keep who you marry with. Its nice to have someone to grow old with, someone to love, someone to return to after your adventures.

You get to help with the demographics, you bring more children into the world and you have fun at the same time, you are basically a freaking HERO. You are Solomon, you are Genghis Khan. What’s not to like?


Just about anyone capable of carrying the blonde gene. Redheads, blondes should be your top priority but don’t miss out on brunette women as well. Blonde children can come out of them for sure. Chances are over 50%. You may even go for mixed girls who are not 100% white but close to white like Turks, Greeks, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanians, Bulgarians, Gypsies, Indians, Iranians, etc. Creampie anyone in your path. Avoid doing it to 100% blacks and Asians as there is no point. They would need to have this happen to them and their children for over 2-3 generations in order to whiten them completely and develop blonde hair. There is simply no point. That is pure waste of time, energy and resources.

But if you think there is no use in impregnating a girl like this for example with blonde seed:

Think again! Look at what came out of this woman:

This is a famous case from Bulgaria and Greece where a Bulgarian gypsy woman gave a daughter of hers to a Greek gypsy couple, probably for money. Look at those beatutiful pure white, pure blonde and redhead children that came out of that gypsy vagina! Of course, assume your girl is young and beautiful, well dressed, not like that gypsy woman, old and poorly dressed. Worry not too much about STDs, its not as bad as the media wants to make you think. Its all a scare tactic to make whites go extinct. Asians, Africans have plenty of sex with plenty of women and they have plenty of children and they don’t worry for a second about STDs. Besides if you worry about some chick, just use a compromised condom, bump a needle through it, right in the middle, then unpack and use it normally. If she has any diseases, there are very very very slim chances of her diseased vaginal fluids going through your small needle hole and into your penis to infect you.

If you still can’t understand why its good to impregnate even these borderline whites, such as the women above in red dress, think of this. They are free and independent people, no matter what you think of them, no matter if you like them or hate them, all is relative, you can’t do anything about it, you are powerless, they exist and they will continue to exist in your countries either you like it or not. You have no control over their vaginas, no matter what! At some point, they WILL reproduce, either you like it or not! Your feelings and wishes are all null and irrelevant. So its not like if you don’t impregnate them they won’t reproduce at all. That’s just pure mental retardation if this is your logic. THEY WILL and you just gotta accept it and guess what, if they are gonna reproduce regardless of your wishes, its better they reproduce with blonde seed than with another mixed man’s seed. Give your seed to anyone who is white and borderline-white, don’t be too selective, if you find them cute and you feel some sexual attraction to them, impregnate them. Doing this, you are whitening them without any loss for you or your kind. This is what is happening to us now, migrants are impregnating all of our women, blondes, redheads, brunettes… and in time we will all become non-white. Fight fire with fire, let us impregnate their women instead so they will become white instead! As a blonde man, you can impregnate as many mixed women as you can without a single loss, unless you haven’t impregnated at least one single blonde woman your entire life. A man can conquer thousands and tens of thousands in a life time, a woman is a disaster however, its a disaster when blonde women get impregnated by others because she can only reproduce once a year. So you see? As a man there is no loss to impregnate everyone in your path except for 100% pure African and pure Asian but if you run into a hot Turk for example, worry not she’s a little bit darker, dump your load inside her and you just whitened her. Her child will be whiter or even 100% white, maybe even blonde, who knows? Why let her make that child with a fellow dark Turk instead? Today’s global warfare is not fought through weapons anymore but through semen. We’re late in the game, we figured this out late but its better late than never.

In a generation or 2, if we all keep giving these mixed girls our seed, they will become exactly like us, indistinguishable from a pure Norwegian for example. This is exactly why their numbers are greater these days because they kept screwing blonde women over and over again and impregnated them again and again and again while blonde men rarely if ever went on a impregnation spree. Genghis Khan for example kidnapped the most beautiful women in Europe, by the thousands, especially Hungarian women, and guess what he did to them, he raped them all and impregnated them all in mass. Now 0.5% of all the people on this planet are his descendants because of this. The only time blondes have ever done anything close to that was during the times of the Vikings. Don’t be a dumb ass, spread your blonde seed in every damn vagina you find or else blondes will go extinct. If you all blonde men out there do this for a generation or 2, you will all lighten the entire planet like never seen before.

Do you understand now? Don’t be a retarded racist with 1 active brain cell. Impregnate everyone in your path who is white and border-line white, as in mixed as well. It costs you nothing, you gain pleasure and you spread your seed. You spread the seed of the blondes. When you want to settle down and have some children you actually know about and raise as your own, that’s a different story, take only a blonde wife and nothing else but for fun and mass impregnation? Everyone in your path except women of totally different races like black African and yellow Asian.

Remember you don’t sacrifice anything, you are not a woman, you do not get yourself locked for 9 months, all you do is just cum. Its like peeing but feeling pleasure while doing it at the same time, though some may feel pleasure while doing the latter as well but its a different kind of pleasure, haha.


So here’s the plan boys. If you are blonde, go out, date and sleep with as many women as possible, make sure you do NOT wear a condom and make sure you release yourself inside of them. There’s plenty of tricks on how to do this. We’ve got 3 methods for you studs out there:

For starters, you can openly talk about it, get your woman horny by having a little dirty chat, start with kisses, breast massage, bla bla then move on and ask them where they would like you to cum, this is before the sexual act itself. As surprising as this sound to some of you inexperienced men, most women fantasize about releasing your loads inside of them and not in a condom, their mouths, asses or on their breasts. This is all just Hollywood mumbo jumbo. At least 90% of all women secretly hope in their minds that you will creampie them inside their pussies and not somewhere else. Just check these 2 forums out: reddit and girlsaskguys and see what actual woman say.

Make good use of this preference of theirs, only fags would prefer to ejaculate in anuses or mouths, go for the vagina! Talk to them, make them horny, as horny as you can, then bring it up, at the culmination point “And where would you want me to cum baby?” They are gonna say “inside me” and then you should ask them “Ohh that’s so hot, I would like that so much, and would you like to remain pregnant? I would really love that! I think that is the hottest thing in the world!” Most would answer “YES!” if they do, then start doing exactly just that. You have to use suggestive thinking, suggest to them what to do and tell them its so hot, they are gonna want to please you and they will end up doing exactly just that.

If you encounter difficulties with the first method, just trick them. Use coitus interruptus. Tell them you don’t want a condom because it kills of all the pleasure and you would rather not do it at all than do it with a condom. Tell them you have good control over your penis and you can withdraw right before you ejaculate. Trick them, ejaculate a few drops inside of them then withdraw and ejaculate the rest on their bellies or wherever they can see the semen. Don’t tell them that they have just been impregnated!

If they categorically refuse to have unprotected sex, say ok. Go to the bathroom or have a small needle with you, make sure you poke a tiny hole right in the tip of the condom. It is inevitable, at least a tiny semen drop will slip into her and impregnate her as when you penetrate and push, pressure will push the semen outside of the condom. When you remove the condom, do it quick and dispose of it quick so that she doesn’t notice anything strange.

Depending on a woman’s date (its complicated) she may not remain pregnant even if she is not on any birth control pills so make sure you bang all your girls for a few days if possible, not just once.


Naturally some women will resort to abortion but its their sin, not yours, you just did what is natural, sex for impregnation not for pleasure. You did what you are meant to do. When animals have sex they don’t use condoms and they don’t pullout right before ejaculating and they also don’t make an abortion. Humans were created with the same purpose, to have sex for multiplying not just for fun. More will keep the babies than you think, if let’s say just 30% kept the babies, you did your country, your genes and your self a favor. If you impregnated 1000 women, you just brought 300 children into this world. Be proud of yourself and go find some chicks. Its all for competition and survival of the blonde seed. Its your duty! – Source: eutimes


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