Multicultural Swedish Town Becomes Hell on Earth

Multicultural Swedish Town Becomes Hell on Earth

Staffanstorp is a small town in Skåne, Sweden. After several violent incidents the town’s inhabitants, especially women, feel insecure, news outlet Fria Tider reports.

(Voice of Europe)

The stories of the people of Staffanstorp went public after investigative journalist Joakim Lamotte visited the town. Previously the town was only known for a horrible knife incident, for which an Afghan migrant was arrested.

In front of Lamotte’s camera, Swedes describe the town as dangerous and full of violence, with gangs dominating its public space.

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One girl tells how she was sexually harassed and punched at her former school every day. “They locked me up in the toilet and hit me with bands. They punched and joked on me. It happened every day,” she says.

“Suddenly they came forward and grab my breasts. After I punched the guy, the whole family came and told me I’m a little horny and that I need to shut up. When I’m out with my dogs, they throw stones on the dogs,” she continues, pointing out that she is afraid of what will happen to her siblings and cousins in the future.

A woman explains that the affected children urge their parents not to do anything, because the gang will take revenge on the children. Another woman tells how she was “brutally” beaten by a gang of 15 people.


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  1. Well the hypergamous slut chickens of multiculturalism have come home to roost. It’s horrible what happens to these women , but we all remember the god forsaken roasties with their rape-fugees welcome signs. If only they had been good traditional women and raised their children to believe in national socialism aswell as the danger to society posed by international jewery shit like this wouldn’t happen.

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