Greta Thunberg’s new climate protest buddy – a serious criminal and gangster rapper

Greta Thunberg’s new climate protest buddy – a serious criminal and gangster rapper

Greta Thunberg on Friday organized the climate protest “Fridays for Future“ in central Stockholm. To attract participants, the PR team behind the climate alarmist had invited two crime-glorifying rap artists, one of whom has served a prison sentence, Samhällsnytt reports.

Isabelle Axelsson who is a collaborator at the Fridays for Future project defends the invitation of the artists, and says that they want individuals who “reach out to the public“.

“We hire artists that we think will reach people and have something to say. It feels good, things are coming along. We have had ten thousand participants on similar events, but now there are fewer because of the February weather”, Axelsson told Expressen.
The artists 1.Cuz and Greekazo are well-known in some circles and generate millions of views on both YouTube and Spotify. Both artists’ lyrics and music videos are exclusively about gang-related crime, drug trafficking, and police hatred.

In an interview in early February, the masked 1.Cuz said that he has served two years in prison after committing a felony. What he was convicted of – he doesn’t want to reveal.

“It is a serious crime with a severe punishment. It is a long time that you are away“, stated 1.Cuz.
On stage, Greta spoke about her views on how climate issues are handled by those in power. According to Greta, the “crisis“ is ignored even though she believes there is research.

“The climate crisis is still largely ignored, despite the fact that the research is crystal clear. There is no real insight into the seriousness anywhere, it seems“, she said. Source


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