Globalists WANT Coronavirus to spread everywhere and kick-start the Apocalypse

Globalists WANT Coronavirus to spread everywhere and kick-start the Apocalypse

So this is how the end is going to look like, those demonic globalist bastards are openly going to conspire to kill us then say ohhh but it was prophecized, its the apocalypse…

Yes it was prophecized, but apparently it was prophecized that YOU are going to do these things, not that they will happen naturally.

What is the origin of the virus? We don’t even know and according to the globalist demons who lead over us, it just magically appeared by its own. They are denying the bat soup theory, they are saying that’s a racist conspiracy theory and they are denying now just about any theory that it might have come from a disgusting animal being eaten by the Chinese.

OK! So it didn’t come from animals…….. then did it come from a Wuhan bio weapons lab? Ohhhhh nooo that’s even a bigger conspiracy theory, there are no such thing as bio-weapons, naaah its all a conspiracy theory and you dumb plebeians out there are just that, mindless slaves, sheep, excrements, nothings. You just OBEY and believe like nice little dogs everything we globalists tell you! NOW SIT and roll over! Bio weapons do not exist, they are a conspiracy theory, got that you mindless slaves??

Alright, so here we have the first obvious clue of what these demons believe of us. To them we are just excrements, not even animals but excrements. They are trying to play with our minds as if we are all suffering of the down syndrome. It didn’t come from bats, it didn’t come from a lab, it just magically showed up by its own. They’re like “Shit just happens and you dumb rocks better believe it because we say so!”

This is not exaggeration at all, this is the exact situation we’re in. They are denying any origin of the virus being put forward on the table, even scientific explanations from actual scientists and not demonic politicians with suit and ties who all they know is just to participate in Jeffery Epstein child rape vacations on isolated islands. They crucified the Indian scientists who said the COVID-19 has HIV segments in it and can be treated with HIV pills, even though this virus is now treated everywhere in the world with HIV pills. Twitter even banned ZeroHedge for reporting on that study.

So now that we’re at it, what the f**k is up with all this censorship over a virus? And this is not even just “a virus” this could be “THE VIRUS” that could wipe us all out.

Even we have been censored everywhere, on Google, we don’t even show up in search results anymore, on Facebook our followers no longer receive notifications from us… now they even deleted TruNews.

YouTube hasn’t banned them while they were talking about Jews all day but now since January, TruNews hasn’t even made 1 single video exposing the Jews who rule and control our countries, it was only about Coronavirus, and they got banned for that.

Wrap this up and think about it for a moment there, they weren’t banned when they talked about the Jewish masters who rule over us but they got banned when they talked about Coronavirus……. I never though that there would come a day when something could be considered more “offensive” than talking about the Jews… yet here we are, Coronavirus talk is now no 1 ban reason, superseding even “antisemitism”… unbelievable, just unbelievable!!

Clearly there is mass censorship happening regarding the Coronavirus and anyone denying that is just a dumb ostrich with its head buried in the ground. Yeah its just a myth, ostriches don’t actually do that, but its a funny meme nonetheless.

Now moving on, next there’s a even bigger freaking problem. The elephant in the room!

Japan released almost everyone on the Diamond Princess, thousands are now free roaming around, spreading the virus everywhere because 14 days of quarantine passed, even though we know the virus could incubate for a lot longer than that and test results are often inconclusive. While they were on board, there was no proper quarantine and no basic safety measures were taken according to top Japanese scientist Kentaro Iwata of Kobe University. According to him the entire thing was managed by a bunch of mindless bureaucrats who know nothing about infections.

America, UK and others evacuated their citizens right from ground zero Wuhan, thus taking major unnecessary risks but wait there’s more Ukraine has just today evacuated 70 from WUHAN!!!!!!! NOW??? If it was at the beginning of the pandemic, maybe… just maybe but not even then… but now???? On 19 February when probably just about EVERYONE in Wuhan is infected but the Chinese CCP is lying?

Naturally, people were protesting in Ukraine but tanks and soldiers were brought in to defend those 70 evacuees. This is unbelievable…

Everybody, everywhere is acting like they want this to happen and then the funny part, you actually see people on social media condemning the CCP for their harsh actions to contain the virus. Yes CCP is harsh, maybe too harsh but its perfectly excusable and China is in the right, not in the wrong. The only wrong things China is doing now is that they are lying about the real numbers, censoring the internet and welding people’s doors so they can’t get out to buy food or other basic necessities.

At this point China is treating them like WANTED CRIMINALS and not like sick patients in need of healthcare and that is just disgusting.

Why China, why? We need to know the truth, if we know we can be more cautious and prevent getting infected and we can get back to normal buying and selling of plastic junk. Lying about the numbers doesn’t help, it actually makes it worse, it makes people be relaxed and not worry about anything as if they are high on meth but being high on meth makes you easier to become infected and to infect others.

Many people are condemning Chinese police for beating civilians for walking on streets without masks, well good!! What do they want them to do, give them a trophy or something? I’ve seen plenty of wicked people deliberately spreading the virus on elevator buttons and stuff, you can never know. Walking around in public without a mask should indeed be considered a serious crime.

Is it on purpose, deliberately to infect others? There is no excuse! Good! Beat them up! They deserve it!!!! You would better reuse 1 single mask 1000 times than go out without one.

Don’t have one? Can’t find one? Take a mask from a trash can, soak it entirely in medicinal alcohol, shine some UV light on it, especially UVC if you have and reuse it. You are better off with that than with NOTHING, not only for your own protection but for preventing a good ass whopping by Chinese cops.

But here’s the funny part, those same people on social media are saying that we democracies out there we’re gonna handle this better and shit! Yeah right, like Japan! We will democratically allow infected people and super spreaders to go out and infect others because you know…….. its their human right and we can’t infringe on that! In fact I think we’re gonna be worse. Way worse than China. May God keep us safe in Europe and America for if we ever get infected like China, we’re all doomed with our dumb selfish individualism.

Anyone saying that this article is “fake news”, take a big shit in his mouth in return, because this isn’t even “news” per say, this is an opinion post, not a “news” story. This is our opinion that the globalist monsters who rule over us want this virus to spread and an opinion can’t be “fake”, it can be right or wrong but not “fake”. Maybe we are right or maybe we are wrong but one thing is for sure, its our right to have our own thoughts and opinions. Its called freedom of expression.

We’re finished, our globalist monsters who rule over us will wipe us all out with Coronavirus. This might just be our last post that can go viral ever. After this just normal posts. Make sure you spread this around everywhere, faster than COVID-19 is spreading. Please share and prepare for this is coming to a city near you. Source


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