France: Sixty left-wing extremists and immigrant ‘youths’ attacked police station

France: Sixty left-wing extremists and immigrant ‘youths’ attacked police station

A mob of sixty youths from immigrant housing projects accompanied by ultra-left-wing extremists attacked the police station in Marseille’s 2nd arrondissement last Saturday evening in an attempt free two Lidl robbers in police custody.

The clashes erupted at around 8pm on Saturday evening when the mob of young immigrants and far-left activists hurled projectiles and firecrackers at police while chanting the word “assassins”, local newspaper La Provence reports.

Due to the security threat, police called in reinforcements. Crews from the Security and Intervention Company (CSI) and the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) promptly arrived at the scene and prevented the violent situation from escalating.

Thanks to the security contractors, the area surrounding the police station was quickly secured and the cowardly attackers retreated.

The group of left-wing extremists and immigrant youths had originally shown up to the station to demand the release of a pair of robbers who had been in police custody since the previous evening. A third individual, aged 19, who had tried to rob the same store, was killed by police after he pointed a gun at them.

“Under conditions that the investigations will specify, a police officer opened fire several times after being himself, then one of his colleagues, threatened by one of the criminals armed with a rifle,” said the prosecution.

Earlier this month, Voice of Europe reported on the exploding levels of delinquency that have been seen so far in France in 2020.

This January, the number of cases of intentional assault and battery has surged to an average of 140 attacks per day, marking a 21 percent increase from last January.

Last month also saw acts of hostage-taking increase by 36.8 percent, kidnapping increase by 13.7 percent, and threats and blackmail increase by 9.6 percent. Thefts with knives were also up 21.6 percent from the previous year, while the number of sexual offenses increased by 14 percent from the previous year.

And just days ago, Voice of Europe – citing Le Figaro – reported that nearly half of the criminals in the Paris metro area are foreign nationals. Source


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