Foreign robbers peed in Swedish teenager’s mouth while shouting racist slurs

Foreign robbers peed in Swedish teenager’s mouth while shouting racist slurs

As Voice of Europe reported on earlier, there’s a new trend in Sweden where foreign criminals not only rob and beat Swedish kids but also humiliate them by peeing on them.

Recently a Swedish teenager was assaulted by two robbers who beat him, urinated on him in a cemetery, forced him to take off all of his clothes, and called him a “fucking disgusting Swede”. The perpetrators then shared a video of the abuse on Snapchat, Aftonbladet reports.

Peter, aged 18, got off the subway at Björkhagen station in Stockholm and had almost arrived at his house when he was attacked by two foreign men. The two assailants, who told Peter that they had a gun and a knife, attempted to force him to withdraw money from an ATM and buy them food at McDonald’s.

The pair of assailants then took Peter to a nearby suburb. After the attempts to withdraw money from his bank account failed, they dragged him to a cemetery where they showered him with kicks and punches.

“Then person number two pulled out his genitals and urinated on me and he also picked up his phone and started filming. Person number one screamed ‘open your mouth’ and when I refused to do so he kicked me really hard in the back of my head, so I did it and got a little urine in my mouth”, Peter said in interrogation.

“They laughed and said ‘fucking disgusting Swede, you son of a whore,” he continued.
The robbers filmed the assault. They then forced Peter to take his clothes off before they got bored and left.

The footage of the incident was later uploaded to Snapchat where it went viral.

Thanks to Peter’s description of the dark-skinned perpetrators, two 16-year-olds were arrested within a week of the attack. The trial has ended and the sentence will be announced on February 18. One of the suspects is also charged with three other youth robberies. – Source: VOE


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