Feds Indict Satanic Death Cult Posing as White Nationalist Group “Atomwaffen” for “Domestic Terrorism”

Feds Indict Satanic Death Cult Posing as White Nationalist Group “Atomwaffen” for “Domestic Terrorism”

Members of Atomwaffen were indicted by the feds today, with the feds claiming they are “neo-Nazi,” “White Supremacist,” etc.

In fact, Atomwaffen is not a political group at all. They are a satanic death cult. Their members are also members of a group called “the Order of Nine Angles,” which is a satanist group that promotes pretending to be involved in radical politics for the purpose of committing violence in the name of Satan in order to gain satanic powers.

“O9A” was founded by a British man, David Myatt, who converted to Islam as a way to promote satanic terrorism. Myatt was believed to be working for the British intelligence services. He was also considered the ideological inspiration for Combat 18, a neo-Nazi terrorist group that many believe was MI-6 honeypot and front group like Atomwaffen. British intelligence has a long tradition of using satanist figures in their operations, going back at least to Aleister Crowley.

Atomwaffen overlaps with a group called “Tempel ov Blood,” which is the openly satanic arm of the group. Atomwaffen itself vaguely attempts to put up the outward face of being political rather than satanic. Tempel ov Blood has published several books about satanic ritual magic, including a book called “Liber 333,” which claims it has the goal of “reaching those few adepts who are willing to go beyond all limits – in search of a truly demonic awakening.” They’ve also published a book called “Iron Gates,” which is a novel about a post-apocalyptic future where demon-possessed cannibals rule a wasteland and torture people and ritually murder babies. Members of Atomwaffen have said this is the future they want to create by triggering a nuclear war. The name “Atomwaffen” means “atomic weapon,” and they are obsessed with nuclear power, often planning to blow up nuclear power plants.

The fact that Atomwaffen members are all satanists has all been fully revealed through leaks from the Atomwaffen Discord, as well as public posts by members of the group. Their own webpage, which is now defunct, was promoting literature saying to pretend to be a neo-Nazi to do violent acts in the name of Satan. Atomwaffen sacrifices animals and literally kills neighborhood cats.

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