COVID-19 DISASTER in Iran | 9 dead of Coronavirus | City to be Quarantined by Military

COVID-19 DISASTER in Iran | 9 dead of Coronavirus | City to be Quarantined by Military

Total disaster hits Iran! Iran could be almost entirely infected… here’s why. Last night 2 men from Qom who called the ambulance were already very sick and dying, they were taken to the hospital immediately but the doctors couldn’t do anything to help them as their condition was already way too late for them so they both died.

Since last night until today, new cases have already been discovered in other cities such as Arak and Iran International is reporting that 7 more have died, including a 5 year old girl. More info below about this, keep reading.

So we know this virus needs at least 14 days to incubate, with rare cases as high as 40 days, during which the virus is perfectly transmissible, just because you show no signs of illness doesn’t mean you can’t spread the virus to others… so who know for how long they had the virus and to how many they spread it to and most importantly, THEY HAVEN’T BEEN TO CHINA!!!!!!!

So they got the virus from other Iranians which means Iran is a hotbed for Coronavirus now as we speak but they didn’t know about it, they just found out about it now, or they knew and didn’t tell us.

A hospital from Qom was transformed into a Coronavirus-only hospital. All patients checked in there were transferred to other locations.

Despite dedicating this hospital to Coronavirus, Iran is going to make this worse, according to Iran International news, the patients are being transferred to Tehran, so the virus is going to be moved around the country freely and it will get more chances to spread even more.

If we Google translate the tweet from Iran International:

اطلاعات رسیده به ایران‌اینترنشنال حاکی از آن است که یک زن ۳۵ ساله نیز در بیمارستان امام رضای قم بر اثر ابتلا به کرونا درگذشته و تعداد کل قربانیان در این شهر تاکنون به ۹ نفر رسیده است

It translates as:

Information obtained by Iran International indicates that a 5-year-old girl also died of coronary heart disease at Imam Reza Hospital in Qom and the total number of victims has so far reached 9.

Expect the same lies from Iran as from China, no real numbers, nothing, just total secrecy, after all we can’t forget what they did with the downed Ukrainian passenger plane where they lied for days that it wasn’t them and then they finally admitted.

If you go to English language Iranian websites like or or even IRNA news agency none of them has one single article published about this. Clearly they are trying to hide this whole thing.

Just like China, Iran will not tell the truth, in fact nobody will because governments value muh economy way more than disposable people. To them, people are disposable, they don’t care, they are soulless, all they care for is “muh economy” and money and admitting to be seriously infected will have a deep impact on muh economy without any buts and ifs.

In a way, I guess they are right as this could devalue currency, drop prices, close factories, it would be just total societal collapse, so in a way they are kinda right to lie like scumbags, its kinda “for the greater good” but on the other hand because of their disgusting lies, people won’t care, they will think everything is fine and they will not be cautious at all and this would help the virus spread more instead of inhibiting it.


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