CIA Orders Mainstream media and Social media to MASS CENSOR Coronavirus coverage

CIA Orders Mainstream media and Social media to MASS CENSOR Coronavirus coverage

Everybody knows or should know that the mainstream media is basically owned and operated by the CIA in what is known as “Operation Mockingbird”. Now with that said, we have noticed that both the media and especially the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google are censoring news about the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak.

For God’s sake you know Sum Ting Wong when even the Chinese are complaining about censorship!!!!!!!!!!!! What more do you want? Just look at what Jennifer Zerg had to say: “Sorry, I had to remove the video of a woman falling the building during #coronavirus quarantine in #China, as Twitter told me that video violates its rule. Have you read about the report that #WHO is working with google and social media giants to control “misinformation”?”

All search results in Google are from CIA mainstream media like you know the usual alphabet letters: ABC, NBC, CNN, BBC, MICJIAJ OJASIODJAIOSJDIOASJDIOASDIOASUDUIO you know the usual truthful “press”, nothing from alternative media, like blogs, forums where people would post interesting happenings from inside Wuhan, or not even from foreign media like European, Asian, nothing, just the CIA operated American press.

Twitter is doing the same thing. In the first days of the outbreak if you visited hashtags like #coronavirus or #wuhan you would everyday get new videos and photos, new info from actual Chinese people, now all you get is those videos and pictures that have already gotten out, you would see top posts from many days ago, nothing new is allowed anymore, its all shadowbanned. Heck they even removed the coronavirus hashtag from Trending. Clearly they are covering up and of course they collectively received an order from CIA to do what they are doing. Just look at them, they are all the same, pathetic and manipulating scheming freaks:

Yes, this is Operation Mockingbird right here in your face. Get a taste of that!

Don’t you dare think for a second that this could be conspiracy theory. Its not and the proof of that is that this story will never reach the masses, it will be censored. Furthermore, liar liar pants on fire, the media has been caught doing the exact same thing back in 1918 during the Spanish flu. They were all like “hey there’s no reason to panic, its just normal flu, our authorities have everything under control”, a few months later, 50 million dead. Yup, everything under control!

Heck even we here at EUTimes have noticed a noticeable drop in traffic as Google is censoring us from their search results. Heck we even had a breaking story which suddenly stopped showing up in their search results as they falsely labeled it as “fake news”. Who are they to determine what is real and what is false?

Anyway, in case you need more proof, ZeroHedge a major alternative media outlet was even banned from Twitter after publishing a story where a bunch of Indian scientists say they discovered that Coronavirus has some HIV virus insertions in it and that it looks “man made”. Who is Twitter? Are they scientists?

Did they get their hands on a Wuhan new coronavirus and studied it in their Twitter lab and determined that it does not contain HIV virus insertions?

Of course not but even if they did such a research on their own WTF is this? Nowadays you just ban those who you don’t agree with? Are we back into communism or WTF is going on with this world? This should be respectfully left up for debate and not just banned! Just like that: BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN!

This clownworld needs to change or else we will all end up in soviet gulags. Where is our freedoms?

So now the question is, WHY, not if or bla bla, but WHY are they censoring all discussion of coronavirus except for mainstream media discussion? You’ll never see CNN banned on Twitter even if they posted the same thing ZeroHedge did and even more. That simply just not ever happens.

What is so funny about this is that at the same time they are whining about how even Iran is for censoring their citizens’ internet and how even China is for doing the same and how evil is North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba but then look at them doing the exact same thing but no, they aren’t evil, they are pure divine angels from Heaven…

So WHY are they being so schizophrenic and paranoid about this?

Well we only have 2 theories but please feel free to bring your own theories in our comment section below:

Theory 1 – Maybe they are just scared from an economic perspective that the entire planet could collapse because the entire planet is dependent on China. Everybody closed down their factories and moved them to China and if people get too scared of buying and importing from China or doing anything with China, then our shops will suddenly be empty, people will be fired from their jobs, riots will begin everywhere, it could easily turn out into the world’s biggest economic crisis ever and maybe they are just trying to prevent this scenario from happening at the expense of people’s lives because as they continue to tell us that “this is just a normal flu, don’t worry” people will just be the dumb people they usually are and they will not take any precautions and more will end up infected and eventually dead. But its all for the greater good you see… look at the big picture….

Theory 2 – Globalists have looooooooooooooooooong conspired to wipe us all out. They think there’s too many of us, they keep saying that “their planet” is overpopulated with us scumbags. Yup, us ants just need to die and leave room for the queens of the colonies to feast on our remains. Maybe they even have the antidote and this is it for us dirty ants, who knows… After all this all looks at the very least suspicious because its all like a big military strategy. Not only Coronavirus is wiping out Asia but at the same time, a new virus has just been released in South America, specifically in Brazil and guess what, they’re saying that its completely new, they never seen a similar genome before. Then in Africa, specifically in Nigeria, same story, a new unknown virus has been released and has already killed 15. Maybe this is all just a big coincidence, who knows. 1 in Asia, 1 in Africa and 1 in South America. I guess North America and Europe are next or maybe they will just import one of the 3 viruses due to massive borderless immigration.

What other theories are you people thinking of? Why are they mass censoring everyone?

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  1. How about my conspiracy theory:

    After and because of the 1child policy, China got, of course, an unbalanced high percentage of (by definition economically useless / expensive) old people and so they wanted some sort of a 1grandparent policy next.

    That’s why they designed and released a killer virus which kills elderly people only.

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