73-year-old pensioner dies after being beaten into a coma by Afghan migrant

73-year-old pensioner dies after being beaten into a coma by Afghan migrant

A Belgian pensioner died on Thursday after being beaten into a coma by an Afghan asylum seeker three weeks ago.

Jos Haex, aged 73, died in a hospital bed after family members gave the order for the physicians to take him off of life-support after he was declared brain dead. The 73-year-old pensioner had spent three weeks in a coma before the decision was made to end his life, SCEPTR reports.

Three weeks ago, Haex was discovered lying unconscious on the ground after he went out for a stroll in the forest in Peer, Belgium. His attacker, the Afghan asylum seeker, was apprehended by police not far from where the 73-year-old man had been lying after haven been beaten to a pulp. Apparently just days before the brutal attack, the Afghan man had been released from a psychiatric hospital, despite having a severe psychiatric past.

After being discovered lying unconscious, the 73-year-old victim from Peer was rushed to the hospital, where he later fell into a coma and his life began slipping away.

“It has only gone downhill in recent weeks,” Haex’s son Patrick told Het Laatste Nieuws.

“My sister stayed with him every day and constantly watched. This morning he died around 7.30 am. We had already given up hope for a long time, but it is hard to believe that the time has come.”

The mourning family is dumbfounded by the fact that a man with such a severe psychiatric past could roam the streets of Peer freely and without any government oversight.

“If that man actually has psychiatric problems, why could he walk around freely? Are all asylum seekers screened for that? I think that is hardly possible in practice, but our dad has now fallen victim to it, ” Haex’s son Patrick said.

The Afghan murderer is set to appear in court on Friday. The asylum seeker’s personal attorney says that his client appears to be quite uninterested and apathetic about the entire situation. Source


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